Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Duncan Crow mislabeled a photograph (6th Australian Divisional Cavalry)

I just realized that Duncan Crow mislabeled a photograph of the 6th Australian Divisional Cavalry dating from January 1941 (page 51). They were largely equipped with captured Italian M11/39 tanks, although they also had M13/40's, as well. These had a 37mm gun in the hull and a MG in the small turret. The tanks were marked with white kangaroos, to distinguish them as Australian. To Benghazi, page 219, says that they had a total of 16 Italian tanks in A squadron. They expanded that one squadron into three, by giving one troop 6 tanks and the other two with 9 carriers each. Sources:
  1. Duncan Crow, British and Commonwealth Armoured Formations (1919-46), 1971.
  2. Gavin Long, To Benghazi, 1952, reprinted with corrections in 1961.

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