Thursday, March 10, 2005

"The Old Gang"

"The Old Gang" was typical of how Winston Churchill operated. He was very much a relationship person. He pulled together the tank pioneers from World War One to build an assault tank. They were thinking too large and too slow. They produced two prototype TOG tanks. The requirement was essentially that for the KV-I, to build a tank that was shell-proof and capable of crossing heavily shelled ground. The TOG tank looked very archaic. Pulling together The Old Gang didn't work out. One of their vehicles was used to mount the 17pdr gun in a Challenger turret. This was the TOG-2 tank. The TOG-2 was preserved at Bovington, at the RAC museum, at least in the early 1970's, and probably is still there, along with many other prototypes, including the A.9 and A.10.

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