Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Canadian Ram tank

The Canadians built a sort of "knock-off" of the American medium tanks. They called it the Ram, and the Mk.I only had the British 2pdr gun, but the Mk.II had the more potent 6pdr. The Canadians had originally bought all the obsolete American tanks, just to have some real equipment, but they gradually adopted British tanks. The Canadians produced Rams from 1941 until 1943. The Ram actually used the American M3's 400 HP engine, and the running gear and hull shape also strongly resembled the American vehicles. About 50 were built with the 2pdr gun as the Mk.I, and the rest were Mk.II's. 1,899 were built in Canada from 1942 to 1943. The Canadians continued to build tanks after the Ram. They built specialist tanks and the Sherman-look-alike, the Grizzly, with a 75mm gun. They Canadians mostly used British and American tanks, especially the Sherman and the Churchill.


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