Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In March 1941, the 1st Armoured Brigade was deployed to Greece

The 2nd Armoured division was dispatched to the Middle East in November 1940. When they arrivied, the King's Dragoon Guards (KDG) was converted from light tanks to armoured cars. The rest of the 1st Armoured Brigade was deployed to Greece in what proved to be a forelorn effort. The 2nd Armoured Division was left with only part of its support group and the 3rd Armoured Brigade to stand against the newly arrived Germans. The 1st Armoured Brigade returned with only personnel, after abandoning its tanks in Greece. Robert Crisp, in his book Brazen Chariots, fantasized about Greek refugees huddling in the tanks that they had left behind. He was an officer in the 3rd RTR. Later in 1941, they replaced their lost Cru.Mk.I and Cru.Mk.II tanks with the American-built "Honey" tank (the M3A1 Stuart light tanks).

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