Monday, March 21, 2005

The British after Beda Fomm in early 1941

Following the British victory at Beda Fomm, over the Italians, the British were reduced to 12 cruiser and 40 light tanks still in running condition. The all the light tanks were in the 3rd Hussars. The 6th RTR was requipped with Italian tanks. They had about 60 M13/40's. My source says that they were practically new with "only a few hundred miles on their speedometers". General O'Connor was convinced that he could go forward and take the rest of Libya, but he was not allowed to do so. Instead, on February 12, 1941, the Germans arrived, and gradually built up their forces. I need to figure out where my photocopies came from, so I have not been able to ascertain the exact source, yet. It is very likely the official history of the war in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

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