Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The 4th Armoured Brigade

The 4th Armoured Brigade was considerably moved around and restructured. Occasionally, it was a "Light Armoured Brigade" (whatever that was). In November 1940, it was part of the 7th Armoured Division and had 7th Hussars, 2/RTR (minus one squadron), 6/RTR, a battery of the 3/RHA, and a single squadron from the 3rd Hussars. By November 1941, in time for the Crusader operation, they had 8th Hussars, 3/RTR (Robert Crisps's battalion), 5/RTR, 2/Scots Guards, and the 2/RHA. They probably were in "Light Armoured Brigade" mode for Crusader, as we know that they were equipped with American-built Stuart tanks with 37mm guns and high speeds (for the British).

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