Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The British forces on 7 February 1941 in Mediterranean and Middle East

General Wavell was still the theater commander in February 1941. He had just fought a successful campaign in the Western Desert against the Italians and an unsuccessful effort in Greece. The forces available included:
  • Western Desert, he had: 7th Armoured Division (worn down) and 6th Australian Division.
  • Egypt: 2nd Armoured Division (incomplete), 6th Division (forming), the New Zealand Division, and the Polish brigade group
  • Palestine: 7th Australian Division and 9th Australian Division (incomplete)
  • Eritrea: 4th Indian Division and 5th Indian Division (in combat at Keren)
  • East Africa: 1st South African Division, 11th African Division, and 12 African Division (ready for combat at Kismayu)

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