Thursday, March 03, 2005

The 2pdr ATG vs. the 25pdr field gun

In much of our gaming in the latter 1970's and early 1980's, we exclusively were fighting battles in Libya and Egypt. The British player quickly found that the 25pdr was a big contributor to being able to effectively fight. The 2pdr, whether on portees or on tanks, had to be used at close range to be effective, and for side shots, at best. The British might send an attack with A.13's (Cru.Mk.IVA) against the German or Italian flank and start shooting with relativel rapid 2pdr fire, hoping to cause damage before being forced back with losses. The main advantage of the 2pdr was rate of fire, and the ability, when close enough, to penetrate side armor. Woe to the British who got caught in an 88's line of fire. The 88mm FLAK36 had a good rate of fire, and could penetrate even the Inf.Mk.II's frontal armor, most of the time. The British had to rely on the 25pdr field gun for longer range A/T fire.

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