Friday, April 22, 2005

There was increasing disatisfaction with armoured car regiments by April 1943

Armoured car regiments seemed increasingly impotent by 1943. In April the announcement was made that a new-style formation would replace the armoured car regiment. Armoured car regiments were not disbanded, but they became GHQ units, while the armoured divisions acquired the new armoured reconnaissance regiments. The initial establishment was fairly complex, and included scout cars along with tanks. The eventual evolution of the formation became virtually identical with armoured regiments, except that they had a more mobile tank. Duncan Crow wrote that the King's Royal Hussars had a mixture of Cromwells and Challengers (with the 17pdr gun). They had three squadrons of 19 tanks, plus a HQ squadron. Some of the Cromwells had the 95mm howitzer for indirect fire.

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