Saturday, April 02, 2005

Some German Pzkw inventory figures

I have some copies from the Geschichte des zweiten Weltkrieges book that I made at the Johns Hopkins Library, right before I left Maryland. There is a table from page 124 that gives artillery and tank inventory numbers for 1 September 1939 (at the start of the war), 1 April 1940 (before the attack in May), and 20 June 1941 (right before the invasion of Russia). These are the tank inventory numbers:

Pzkw I: 1,445, 1,045, 889
Pzkw 35(t): --, 163, 203
Pzkw II: 1,228, 1,095, 1,197
Pzkw 38(t): --, 256, 801
Pzkw III: 101, 388, 1,565
Pzkw IV: 213, 148, 358

In some ways, the numbers of Pzkw I's in service in 1941 is surprisingly high. By 1941, though, it has fallen to third place in the inventory. The Pzkw III had become the most used tank. In 1940, it was the Pzkw II, with the Pzkw I a close second.

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