Monday, April 11, 2005

More about Sidi Barrani

Apparently, by nightfall of December 10, 1940, Sidi Barrani had been taken, but strong Italian forces still remained capable of fighting. By this time, the 6th RTR was reduced to 7 cruiser and 6 light tanks. Unsupported, they had probed aginst the 1st Libyan Division, but were repulsed by anti-tank guns. That night, the 11th Indian Brigade formed a line to the southeast of Sidi Barrani. To the south was the Central Indian Horse (mechanized cavalry). On the morning of December 11th, Selby's Matruh Force, the 11th Indian Brigade, with armoured support attacked. Soon, Italian soldiers started to surrender. Indian soldiers, with accompanying armour, took between 1500 and 2000 prisoners from the camp at "Point 90".

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