Wednesday, April 06, 2005

1st Armoured Division on 23 October 1942

The 1st Armoured Division fought in the Second Battle of El-Alamein. The divisional commander was Major-General Raymond Briggs. The division consisted of the 2nd Armoured Brigade and the 7th Motor Brigade, plus divisional troops.

The 2nd Armoured Brigade commander was Brigadier A. F. Fisher. The brigade's units were The Queen's Bays, 9th Lancers, and the 10th Hussars, with the Yorkshire Dragoons motor battalion.

The 7th Motor Brigade was commanded by Brigadier T. J. B. Bosvile, and consisted of the 2/Rifle Brigade, 7/Rifle Brigade, and the 2/King's Royal Rifle Corps (60th Rifles).

The divisional troops included: 12th Lancers (armoured cars), 2nd RHA, 4th RHA, 11th RHA (HAC), elements of the 78th Field Regiment, 76th A/T Regiment, and 42nd Light AA Regiment. They also included engineers, signals, and ambulances.

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