Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Reconnaissance Corps 1941-1944

When the divisional cavalry regiments were absorbed into the armoured formations, starting in 1940, there was still a need for infantry divisions to have their own integral reconnaissance units. The solution was to create the Reconnaissance Corps. The Reconnaissance Corps units were initially designated as battalions, but eventually were redesignated as regiments, as were the battalions of the RTR. The cavalry regiments always did have that status, so they set the standard for the rest. Apparently, the reconnaissance battalions initially were armed with lesser armoured cars and scout cars, but eventually became indistinguishable from the armoured car regiments. At that point, they were merged with the RAC. That happened on January 1st, 1944. This is from Duncan Crow's book British and Commonwealth Armoured Formations (1919-1946), 1971.

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