Thursday, April 21, 2005

British Armoured Division Organization in 1944

The standard British armoured division in 1944 was organized as follows:
  • Divisional headquarters
  • Armoured reconnaissance regiment with 666 men, 61 tanks and 11 light tanks
  • Armoured Brigade with 10 tanks in the headquarters, three armoured regiments iwth 666 men, 61 tanks and 11 light tanks, a motor infantry battalion with 819 men
  • Motorized infantry brigade with 2,994 men with 1 MG company with 12 MG's and three motor infantry battalions
  • Divisional artillery with 1 field regiment (24-25pdr), 1 motorized regiment (24-25pdr self-propelled guns), 1 a/t regiment (48-17pdr), and 1-AA regiment (54-40mm AA)
  • Engineers (1ooo men)
  • Signals (728 men)
  • "Supply, Transport, and Medical Troops"
The division totaled 14,964 men, 262 tanks and 44 light tanks, with scout cars, carriers, and armoured observation posts. This is from a photocopy of a page from Duncan Crow's book on British armoured formations.

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