Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The 10th Armoured Division

The 10th Armoured Division was formed from the 1st Cavalry Division. In August 1941, two brigades became armoured brigades (the 8th and 9th Armoured Brigades). The Royal Dragoons were the armoured car regiment. The 10th Armoured Division arrived in the Western Desert in July 1942. They fought in the battles of Alam Halfa and the Second Alamein. Their tanks had been previously used to equip the older divisions after the disaster at Gazala that had resulted in the loss of Tobruk. The 8th Armoured Brigade had been replenished with tanks, but the 9th was not. The 9th eventually was attached to the New Zealand Division, when the New Zealand Division became a new model mechanized division. At the Second Alamein, the 10th Armoured Division had the 8th and 24th Armoured Brigades under command. At the Second Alamein, the 9th Armoured Brigade was sent against the Axis anti-tank guns in the dark. That sort of planning almost lost the battle for General Montgomery. However, even with brute force, the British material advantage was so great that eventually, the Axis forces were destroyed, except for remnants.

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