Thursday, April 07, 2005

30th Corps Troops at El Alamein

In what is described as 30th Corps Troops and troops in Corps reserve, there were the following units:
  1. 23rd Armoured Brigade commanded by Brigadier G.W. Richards. The 23rd was composed of the 8th RTR, 40th RTR, 46th RTR, and 50th RTR, along with the 121st Field Regiment RA, 168th Light AA battery RA, and engineers and ambulance units
  2. 4/8th South African Armoured Car Regiment
  3. Artillery, consisting of the 7th Medium Regiment, the 64th Medium Regiment, and the 69th Medium Regiment
  4. This was along with mortars and signals units
This is a from photocopies from Appendix A of what I believe is the official history

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