Sunday, April 17, 2005

The attack on Tobruk in January 1941

For the attack on Tobruk, there were only 18 infantry tanks still running. There was considerably more artillery, however, as well as a new British MG battalion, the 1/Cheshire. The units involved included the 2/1st and 2/2nd Field Regiments with one battery from the 2/3rd. There was British 7th Medium Regiment, one battery from the 64th Medium Regiment, the 51st Field Regiment, the 104th Field Regiment, and a battery of the 4th RHA. The 19th Brigade attack would have 52-25pdrs, 16-4.5in guns, 2-60pdrs, and 8-6in howitzers in support. Source:
  • Gavin Long, To Benghazi, 1952.

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