Friday, April 20, 2007

The Official History for the December 1941 Gazala Battle

From the British Official History, Vol.III, I learned that the "Indian Division" in Brazen Chariots was the famous 4th Indian Division, a unit with a good reputation. Sadly, the Official History did not mention specifically the action that is described in the last chapter of Brazen Chariots. There is a reference to a battlegroup with one squadron, but that was the extent of what they had. About all they said was that because of the fuel shortage, the 4th Armoured Brigade was not in a position to influence the Gazala battle, and General Gott, the 7th Armoured Division commander at this date, decided that it was not possible to get a fuel convoy to the brigade in time, and they were too exposed, where they were located behind the German line at Gazala, so he ordered them to pull back, so that they could safely replenish. I will cover this more, later.

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