Monday, April 09, 2007

The 4th Armoured Brigade on the move (the 27th and 28th Days?)

The 4th Armoured Brigade had orders to move in the afternoon of what was probably the 27th day of the Crusader Battle. The brigade was in regimental groups (they were stilled called battalions at the time). Robert Crisp actually uses a date, for a change. On the 14th of December 1941, they moved 21 miles to the south-southwest. They received word that on 15 December, they would be moving to the "north to Bir Halegh el Eleba". They drove fast so as to cover 15 miles in an hour. They arrived by 5:30pm. The men received word that they would be driving to the west at 15 mph, for about 35 miles. As it turned out, C Squadron, 3rd RTR was in the lead of the brigade. They left at 7am, heading west. After a two hour drive, they reached "a steep escarpment" which didn't appear on Robert's map. They reached the bottom and watched the replenishment lorries grapple with the escarpment. By 10am, they headed north for the coast, expecting to encounter the Afrika Korps. This is based on the account in Robert Crisp's book Brazen Chariots.

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