Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Later on 15 December 1941

As they were moving north behind the Axis positions at Gazala in the afternoon of what must have been 15 December 1941, Robert Crisp heard a report from the Royal Dragoons that they were being attacked by about 20 vehicles with 75mm guns. B Squadron, 3rd RTR, was sent off in that direction. They heard on the radio the sound of making contact and a "long-range engagement". Night fell and they formed a leaguer, but this time, they had an infantry screen and men on watch on each tank. At the nightly "Situation Report", Robert heard that the Indian division was being heavily attacked by German tanks from Gazala. They heard a report from a broken down lorry that 7 Italian vehicles had approached but had fled when they realized that they had found a British vehicle. There was also a report of a large movement to the east, south of them. Robert interpreted that as indicating that the Germans did not realize that there was a British armoured brigade in their rear. The only problem is that the tanks of the 4th Armoured Brigade were almost out of fuel. This is based on the account in Robert Crisp's book Brazen Chariots.

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