Friday, June 24, 2005

The Official History has some good photos from December 1940

The Official History, Vol.I, between pages 280 and 281, has some good photos from December 1940. One is "A burnt-out British tank which had become bogged in a salt marsh near Buq Buq in December 1940". The tank is probably a Lt.Mk.VIB, although it could be a Lt.Mk.VIA. The next photo is an aerial view of Sollum, showing the harbour and rising escarpment in the background. Another shows a truck, perhaps a gun tractor, towing an Inf.Mk.II Matilda up the road towards Halfaya Pass. There is also a picture of the river gunboat Aphis in Sollum harbour, where she had landed water for the army. Another photo shows burnt out and sunken ships ain the harbour at Bardia, where the Aphis had provided gunfire support on December 17th, 1940. Another photo shows Italian L3/33 light tanks abandoned on the hill above the harbour at Bardia. In another photo, you can see black smoke rising from the harbour at Tobruk. In the last photo of this series, you see the burning and sunken armoured cruiser San Giorgio, a survivor from the pre-dreadnought era.

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