Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The arrangements after December 11th, 1940

When Major-General Mackay and the 6th Australian Division arrived, they would have as additional forces the 16th Infantry Brigage and the 7th RTR, along with artillery. Their first task would be to capture Bardia. The orders for the 7th Armoured Division were to move between Tobruk and Bardia. On bright aspect of the previous week's action was that the RAF totally dominated the air against the Regia Aeronautica. The RAF used Gladiators for giving air cover in the field while the Hurricanes were used against Italian forces to the west of Bardia. The RAF and RAAF were quickly expending their supply of Gladiators. The bag for December 9th to 11th was impressive:
  1. 38,300 Italian and Libyan prisoners
  2. 237 guns
  3. 73 tanks (L3/33, M11/39, and M13/40)
  4. More than 1000 vehicles
This is based on the account in Vol.I of the Official History.

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