Friday, June 24, 2005

The assault on Camp Nibeiwa

At 7:15am on December 9th, 1940, the assault on Camp Nibeiwa commenced. There was a 72-gun barrage from the 4th Indian Division artillery while 2 squadrons from the 7th RTR rolled towards the northwest corner of the camp. These were Inf.Mk.II Matildas. They were supported by 31st Battery, Royal Artillery. On the flanks were Bren carrier from the 2nd Battalion The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and 1/6thRajputana Rifles. The 20 Italian medium tanks and a few light tanks were quickly taken. The camp was quickly divided the camp into quarters and artillery was used, firing point-blank, to silence holdouts. The 5th Indian Brigade and 25th Field Artillery Regiment (without the 31st Battery) attacked the Tummar West camp to the west of Nibeiwa.

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