Monday, June 27, 2005

December 11th, 1940 Operation Compass

On December 10th, the 7th Armoured Division, with cruiser tanks lent to Selby Force, operated with armoured cars, mobile artillery, and light tanks. They were at least crossing the coastal road. December 11th saw the 7th Armoured Brigade assaulting Buq Buq, and capturing a large number of Italian troops and artillery. The 4th Armoured Brigade was intended to be sent to Sofafi, but didn't receive the word in time, so that the Cirene Division was able to withdraw, umimpeded. The 7th Armoured Division Support Group found that the Cirene had withdrawn from Rabia and Sofafi during the night of 10-11 December. The day was still successful, as Selby Force and the 6th RTR fought the 1st Libyan Division, which had given their surrender at 1pm. By nightfall, the 4th Blackshirt Division had also surrendered. This is from the account in Vol.I of the Official History.

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