Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The "Cairo Cavalry Brigade" sent to Mersa Matruh on 17 September 1938

On 17 September 1938, the "Cairo Cavalry Brigade" was sent to forward positions at Mersa Matruh. The unit consisted of the following units:
  1. Headquarters, Cairo Cavalry Brigade
  2. 3/RHA with 3.7in Howitzers towed by tracked Dragons
  3. 7th Hussars Armoured regiment with A squadron, B squadron, and HQ squadron with Lt. Mk.III, Lt.Mk.VIA, and Lt.Mk.VIB tanks
  4. 8th Hussars motorized regiment with Ford 15cwt trucks armed with Bethier MG's
  5. 11th Hussars reconnaissance regiment with 40 Rolls Royce Armoured Cars with a "few" Morris A.C.9's
  6. 1/RTR with 58 Lt.Mk.VIA and B tanks
  7. Engineer company, 5 RASC
  8. 2/3 Field Ambulance RAMC
  1. In Cairo: 6/RTR with Vickers Medium Mk.II and light tanks

  1. 108 squadron (Army Cooperation) with Audaxes
  2. 80 Squadron (Fighter) with Gladiators
  3. 45 Squadron (Bomber) with Harts
A little later, the 1/King's Royal Rifle Brigade arrived from Burma

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