Sunday, February 06, 2005

The 7th Armoured Division as of 16 Feb 1940

As of 16 February 1940, the British 7th Armoured Division was composed of the following units:

7th Armoured Division:

HQ 7th Armoured Division

7th Armoured Brigade:

7th Hussars (armored regiment)
8th Hussars (armored regiment)

4th Armoured Brigade:

2/RTR (armored battalion)
6/RTR (armored battalion)

7th Armoured Division Support Group:

1/King's Royal Rifle Corp (1/KRRC) (infantry battalion)
2/Rifle Brigade (2/RB) (infantry battalion)
3/Royal Horse Artillery (3/RHA) (anti-tank regiment)
4/Royal Horse Artillery (4/RHA) (field artillery regiment)

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