Monday, February 07, 2005

7th Armoured Division in August 1939

In August 1939, the 7th Armoured Division consisted of the divisional headquarters with a heavy and a light armoured brigade. The individual units included:
  1. 7th Hussars, complete with 3 squadrons of light tanks (Lt.Mk.VIb?)
  2. 8th Hussars, with some light tanks
  3. 3rd Royal Horse Artillery Regiment with 1/2 being 37mm Bofors ATG (perhaps 18 guns) and 1/2 being 25pdrs (or more likely, 12-18/25pdrs, the 25pdr barrel on an 18pdr carriage)
  4. On battery from the 4th/RHA with 12-18/25pdr
  5. 6th/RTR with 10-A.9 Cru.Mk.I tanks, plus a few others
  6. 11th Hussars with 20 Morris A.C.9 and 40 Rolls Royce Armoured Cars

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