Sunday, February 20, 2005

British Armoured Car Regiments

Armoured car regiments were distinct from the infantry division's reconnaissance regiments. This is a mid-to-late war establishment, I suspect. The armoured car regiment had a headquarters with 3 armoured cars. There was also a headquarters squadron with three troops: anti-aircraft (5 armoured cars with 20mm AA guns), communications (13 scout cars), and administrative. There were also four armoured car squadrons. Each had a headquarters troop with four armored cars. There were five troops with two armoured cars and two scout cars. There was also a heavy troop with two armoured cars and a troop of riflemen in half tracks. The total armoured car inventory was 67, consisting of Daimlers, AEC in heavy troops, and American-built Staghounds as headquarters cars. There were also 67 Daimler and Humber scout cars. The troop strength was 55 officers and 680 men.

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