Friday, July 07, 2006

The OOBs of the 22nd East African Brigade and the 23rd Nigerian Brigade

In two notes in Vol.II, the Official History supplies the OOBs of the two brigades. Some of the units were divided amongst the two brigades.

22nd East African Brigade:

2nd Nigerian Regiment
1/6th King's African Rifles
5th King's African Rifles
1st South African Light Tank Company
HQ squadron 1st East African Armoured Car Regiment
1st South African Field Battery
7th South African Field Battery
Composite Section of 1st South African Medium Brigade
(1-60pdr and 1-6in Howitzer)
18th (Indian) Mountain Battery, RA
22nd (Indian) Mountain Battery, RA
54th East African Field Company
2 platoons, 1/3rd King's African Rifles (Machine Gun)
A Company (Tanganyika) Field Ambulance
22nd East African Brigade Group Company

23rd Nigerian Brigade:

1st Nigerian Regiment
3rd Nigerian Regiment
1/1st King's African Rifles
one squadron (less one troop) East African Armoured Car Regiment
7th South African Field Brigade
1st South African Medium Brigade (less composite section)
52nd Nigerian Light Battery
51st Nigerian Field Company
17th South African Field Park Company
one company 1/3rd King's African Rifles (machine gun) (less two platoons)

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