Saturday, July 29, 2006

November 1941 in East Africa: taking Kulkaber

Columns were moving in the direction of Gondar in mid-November 1941. One was the 2nd Ethiopian Battalion, which was moving north west of Lake Tana. They were near Gorgora to the south-southwest of Gondar by 13 November. Another was the Sudan Column. They attacked Chilga to the southwest of Gondar on 20 November. They at least had "pinned down the garrison of four battalions". The next step was to take Kulkaber. The place was well defended behind strong defences. Brigadier James attacked on 21 November, after the place was hit hard byfrom the air with 44 sorties dropping 9 tons of bombs the previous day. The British lost 99 men and the guerillas 107 men. They took "1,648 Italian and 775 native troops."

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