Sunday, July 02, 2006

In Ethiopia in April and May 1941

The 22nd East African Brigade Gr0up had planned to head for Aselle, thinking that they would encounter Italian forces. Their Italian map was inaccurate and there were no Italians. After the road turned to mud, the brigade group turned to go to the west of Lake Zwai. They pushed through an Italian "position at Mount Fike". They stopped to give the 12th African Division time to move forward. The brigade group pushed off again on 9 May, going around Lake Shala. They reached Shashamanna on 14 May. Elements pushed a further 40 miles "towards Dalle". Dalle had been designated as the 12th African Division's objective, and it had already fallen. The division was no where close, though. The 24th Gold Coast Brigade had hit a defended position at Wadara, and was blocked. They were only able to attack on 4 May and finally defeated the position on 10 May. The brigade reached Wondo on 25 May, 100 miles further. The 21st East African Brigade had tried to advance up the Yavello road, but the road was so bad that this was not a faesible line of advance. This is based on the account in Vol.II of the Official History.

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