Saturday, July 09, 2005

Correlli Barnett says that General O'Connor had a plan to conquer the rest of Libya by the end of February 1941

If Churchill and Wavell had not stopped him, there might have been no place for the Germans to land in North Africa. The mad scheme to aid Greece in the face of German invasion killed the opportunity that Italy could have been knocked out of Libya by O'Connor's blitz into Libya. If you read Churchill's communications in February 1941, you will see that he had become totally unhinged. This was not the last time, sadly, but this would prolong the war and cost Britain much manpower, equipment, and time to recover what was lost in this month. Correlli Barnett, in The Desert Generals, on pages 50 to 56, tells the whole sale tale. As I am a Churchill enthusiast, it pains me greatly to read the story.

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