Tuesday, July 05, 2005

After Bardia, Tobruk (January 1941)

Tobruk was close enough to Bardia that the 19th Australian Brigade left the Bardia environs later in the day on January 6th and was on the outskirts of Tobruk's defences by morning. The British 16th Infantry Brigade moved up to the southeast. The 4th Armoured Brigade moved further west on the south side of Tobruk. The 7th Armoured Brigade Support Group and the 7th Armoured Brigade moved into a blocking position to the west of Tobruk. The Italian airforce was pushed out of range of Tobruk. Fighters had to operate from Maraua, which was 170 miles from Tobruk. The RAF, however, had moved forward, so they were in position to continue to provide support.

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