Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Royal Gloucester Hussars

I found this document that gives some useful information about the Royal Gloucester Hussars. Be aware that this is a Word document. Apparently by 1930, the RGH was reduced two three squadrons equipped with Peerless armoured cars. These were later replaced by Rolls Royce armoured cars. They regained their name, the Royal Gloucester Hussars, by 1938, and by 1939, were split into the 1st and 2nd RGH. The 1st RGH was kept in England for training, but the 2nd RGH went to North Africa, in 1941, with the 22nd Armoured Brigade. They lost "30 of its 52" Crusader tanks at Sidi Rezegh, on 19 November 1941. They were withdrawn and re-equipped with "inferior" Stuart tanks. They then joined the advance to Agedabia, which was quickly retaken by the Germans.

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