Friday, May 25, 2007

The British Official History takes a jibe at Rommel

The British Official History, on page 71 of Volume III, takes a cut a Rommel, saying "it is unlikely that this would have happened if General Crüwell had been given a clear task and left to carry it out". This refers to what has been called "The Dash to the Wire", when Rommel attempted to panic the British and win the Crusader Battle. The Official History ignores the fact that it was working as designed, until General Auchinleck intervened and would not allow a withdrawal. In fact, with the Afrika Korps away from the decisive battle zone around Sidi Rezegh, the British situation had dramatically improved, with the siege of Tobruk broken. Rommel still managed to stampede the British supply troops and rear, and had panicked General Cunningham. Auchinleck could take no more and intervened, saving the battle.

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