Monday, March 05, 2007

Experience from extensive gaming of 1941 to early 1942

I have extensive experience of "gaming" the war in North Africa from 1941 to early 1942. The main experience has been that the British must rely upon their artillery to effectively fight, due to the inadequate performance of the 2pdr gun, fired AP projectiles. Since they did not use the 3.7in AA gun in the anti-tank role, you primarily needed to use the 25pdr guns in the direct fire mode. They had range and hitting power to be effective. The main issue with using them that way was that it diminished their effectiveness in the traditional artillery role, where longer range, indirect fire was the rule. You were reduced to attacking German armour with British tanks from the side and rear, and hoping for the best. You had to close the range to a dangerous degree to be effective. That is why you would form artillery barriers with a combination of 25pdr gun-howitzers and 2pdr anti-tank guns. There were still a few 18pdrs left in the field, so you could use those, as well.

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