Saturday, March 10, 2007

27 November 1941

Early on 27 November 1941, armoured cars from the King's Dragoon Guards were in position near the Trigh Capuzzo and saw a column driving up the road. General Gott reacted by sending the depleted 22nd Armoured Brigade and the 4th Armoured Brigade to attack. The column driving up the road was the 15th Panzer Division, heading west. When they were attacked, they immediately deployed into "battle formation", with artillery and anti-tank guns supporting the remaining tanks. The 4th Armoured Division had 77 Stuarts at the start of the day. The 22nd Armoured Brigade had 45 tanks, probably all Crusader I and II tanks. Both British armoured brigades had artillery and anti-tank guns attached. Their opponent, the 15th Panzer Division had been depleted to the point where they had under 50 tanks left of all types. The 21st Panzer Division, not involved in this action had 24 tanks while the Ariete Division, which had not been heavily engaged, still had 100 tanks, probably all M13/40s. This is based on the account in Vol.III of the Official History.

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