Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The survival of the Stuart as a battle tank up to July 1942 is amazing

Given the 37mm gun, the survival of the Stuart as a battle tank up to the fighting in early July 1942 is amazing. The 37mm gun at least had capped shot, so it had a chance of penetrating German face-hardened armour at close range. As we responded to the question about the British armoured brigades in early July 1942, the lists of tanks that included show that the Stuart was still a factor. That is probably due, in part, to the losses that had been incurred in the fighting since May 1942 and the continued supply of Stuarts sent to the Middle East. They still were superior in mechanical reliability and mobility to any other tank to date. They were finally eclipsed by the arrival of Shermans and relegated to the reconnaissance role for which they were intended.

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