Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tank forces for Crusader

We have a pretty good idea of the tank complements at the start of the Crusader Battle in November 1941. These are the Axis tanks:

Type 15th Pz Div 21st Pz Div Ariete Div
Pzkw II 38 32
Pzkw III 75 64
Pzkw IV 20 15
M 13/40 146

The British had a more diverse tank complement, of which we don't know the exact details. This is what we do know:

Type HQ 30th Corps HQ 7th Ar Div 4th Ar Bre 7th Ar Bre 22nd Ar Bre
Cru Mk I, II, and III 6 26
Cru Mk IV 62
Crusader 2 53 155
Stuart M3 8 165

1st Army Tank Brigade (13th Corps): 3-cruiser tanks and 132 infantry tanks
(half Matilda, half Valentine)
32nd Army Tank Brigade (Tobruk): 32-cruiser tanks, 25 Lt Mk.VI, and 69 Matilda

This is base on tables in Vol.III of the Official History

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mr.Silence said...


I'm building an Axis attack against Tobruk mid 41 in the game 'Combat Mission'.

I could use some info on defending and attacking forces.

For now I have the German 15th & 21st Panzer Div & the 5th & 90th Light Division together with the Ariete, Trieste & Brescia Arm Div's.

Against the Australian 9th Div & the 18th Brig of the 7th Div, later reinforced by the British & Polish.

For the Germans I'm building a tankforce of 50% Pzkw III, 25% Pzkw II & 25% Pzkw IV

The Italians will have M13/40's

German guns will be 88mm Flak and 50mm ATG
Planes will be StuKa & Bf 109

Allied guns 2 pounders & Matildas reinforced by 6 pounders & Grants.

Any additional info and especially map of Tobruk 1941 are welcome at



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