Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aircraft types in the RAF Middle East Command on 11 November 1941

Appendix 5 of Vol.III of the Official History of the War in the Mediterranean and Middle East lists the RAF Orders of Battle and in particular, the RAF Middle East Command as of 11 November 1941. The entire OOB is probably to large for this forum, but listing the range of aircraft in the inventory seems interesting:

Aircraft Role

Morane Saulnier 406 Single-Engined Fighter (Free French)
Fairey Albacore Torpedo Bomber
Avro Anson General Reconnaissance (SAAF)
Avro Anson General Reconnaissance/Torpedo Bomber
Hawker Audax Air Transport
Hawker Audax Tactical Reconnaissance
Bristol Beaufighter IC Long Range Twin-Engined Fighter
Bristol Beaufighter IPR Photo Reconnaissance
Bristol Beaufort I Torpedo Bomber
Bristol Blenheim I Light Bomber
Bristol Blenheim IV General Reconnaissance
Bristol Blenheim IV Light Bomber
Bristol Blenheim IV Tactical Reconnaissance
Bristol Blenheim IVF LR Twin-Engined Fighter
Bristol Bombay Bomber Transport
Douglas DC2 Air Transport
de Havilland DH 86 Air Ambulance
Dornier Do.22 General Reconnaissance (Yugoslav)
Fairey Fulmar General Reconnaissance
Gloster Gladiator Tactical Reconnaissance
Hawker Hartbeest Light Bomber (SAAF)
Hawker Hurricane I Single-Engined Fighter
Hawker Hurricane IIA Single-Engined Fighter
Hawker Hurricane IIB Single-Engined Fighter
Hawker Hurricane IIC Single-Engined Fighter
Hawker Hurricane I Tactical Reconnaissance
LR Hawker Hurricane I Photo Reconnaissance
Junkers Ju.86 General Reconnaissance (SAAF)
Lockheed Lodestar Air Transport
Westland Lysander Tactical Reconnaissance
Martin Maryland General Reconnaissance
Martin Maryland Operational Training
Martin Maryland Strategic Reconnaissance
Martin Maryland Survey Reconnaissance
Curtis Mowhawk Single-Engined Fighter (SAAF)
Percival Proctor Air Transport
Short Sunderland General Reconnaissance
Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Bomber
Vickers Vincent Light Bomber
Vickers Wellesley Bomber Transport
Vickers Wellesley Light Bomber
Vickers Wellington IC Air/Sea Rescue
Vickers Wellington I & IC General Reconnaissance
Vickers Wellington IC Medium Bomber
Vickers Wellington II Medium Bomber

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