Saturday, August 05, 2006

The situation in French Somaliland from mid-1941

What the British discovered in negotiations with the French governor of Somaliland was that he was prepared to let the British use the port of Jibuti, but he refused to let the Free French into the country, and refused to consider joining them. After the Japanese attacks in December 1941, several blockading ships were withdrawn from the coast of French Somaliland and the Vichy government in France "offered the use of Jibuti port and railway in return for the raising of the blockade and supplies of food to French Somaliland". The British government was not willing to relent, but by March, they ceased blockading, as the blockade no longer seemed appropriate. This is based onthe account in Vol.II of the Official History. This completes the summary of Vol.II, and we will start Vol.III, next.

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