Thursday, August 31, 2006

My A.13 Cruiser Mk.IVA wargame piece

I will occasionally upload scans of my wargame pieces from the 1980's. This is my A.13 Cruiser Mk.IVA drawing. It is meant to be colored, sized, and printed on index (card stock). You can then cut them out and fold on the middle line to make wargame pieces. That is what I used from the mid-1970's up to the late 1980's when I shifted gears in my historical research. My original drawing was done at 1/48 scale, and this is reduced from that. You should be able to graphically size it to whatever scale you want to use for gaming. It is a convenient way to build armies (I used a 1:4 ratio between game pieces and actual tanks, guns, and trucks).

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1244 said...


Your drawing caught my eye. You've probably heard of the Panzerblitz series of games, and of the Aide de Camp wargame software.

I'm using ADC at the moment to create a slightly more sophisticated Panzerblitz system for the western front. The counter art, of course are silouettes of the side view. I just finish a mod of an existing A13 counter last week.


Bill W

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