Monday, September 26, 2005

Preparation at Siwa for the attack at Giarabub

The Australians at Siwa were originally equipped with machine-gun carriers and some obsolescent tanks, but these were replaced with 15-cwt and 30-cwt trucks, which were more suitable for cross-desert travel. On Decemeber 11, 1941, Captain Brown, the squadron commander, received his orders to move out towards Giarabub and attack an Italian outpost. They were repulsed by a vigorous Italian (and Libyan) defence. Another operation was ordered on December 16th. The Australians attacked a convoy leaving Garn el Grein, the outpost they had previously attacked. This was more successful, and they Australians returned with four captured trucks. This is based on the account in To Benghazi.

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attilio said...

In the book of Castagna, la difesa di Giarabub, the author stated that the australian during the attacks of december used several armoured vehicle. This contradict Gavin that in the book "To Benghazi" stated that all armoured vehicle of the 6Th Cavalry Regiment was detached to Derna and the remainder of the regiment mounted in light truck was involved in the actions at Giarabub.

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