Friday, August 26, 2005

We hear of Jock Campbell

General Creagh sent out a "flying column" commanded by Lt-Col Jock Campbell, in response to General O'Connor's order to send a force past Soluch "through Antelat" to block the retreating Italian army. Air reconnaissance could see long lines of vehicles on the road, headed towards Tripolitania. Jock Campbell's force consisted "of the 2/Rifle Brigade and two batteries of artillery". Jock Campbell was a colorful character who appeared periodically on the scene, until he was killed in an automobile accident in March 1942. He was eventually promoted to Major-General, and had a VC. His group was to advance, and be under Colonel Combe's command. The 11th Hussars and Jock Cambell's force (nicknamed "Jockforce") would head for the vicinity of Sidi Saleh to block the road from Benghazi to Agedabia. This is based on the account in To Benghazi.

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