Thursday, August 18, 2005

The 6th Australian Division on January 31st, 1941

By dusk on January 31st, 1941, the 6th Australian Division was positioned in a broad front to the west of Derna. The 2/4th and 2/8th Battalions advanced along the coast road, lead by a company of the 2/4th Battalion. To the South, the 2/5th, 2/6th, and 2/7th Battalions were advancing to the west, towards the general direction of Chaulan. To their southwest were the 11th Hussars and the 6th Divisional Cavalry.Brigadier Savige, on the south side, had his reserve battalion, the 2/7th move up to "form a chain of men along which rations and water could be passed across the wadi to the 2/5th." This is based on the account in Gavin Long's To Benghazi.

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