Monday, February 20, 2006

Battleaxe units for the attack on the frontier

Units that took part in Battleaxe in the attack on the frontier:

22nd Guards Brigade-Brigadier I. D. Erskine
3rd Battalion, the Coldstream Guards
2nd Battalion, the Scots Guards
1st Battalion, the Buffs

11th Indian Brigade Group-Brigadier R. A. Savory
2nd Battalion, the Cameron Highlanders
2/5th Mahratta Light Infantry
1/6th Rajputana Rifles
25th Field Regiment, RA
27/28th Medium Battery, RA
two troops of the 4th RTR
Central India Horse cavalry regiment
4th Field Company, King George's Own Bengal Sappers and Miners

Jaxo Column
one troop of 25pdrs
one troop of 2pdr ATG's
one company of 1st Battalion, the King's Royal Rifle Corps

This is based on a note from Vol.II of the Official History.

1 comment:

Knight(Fast) said...

Good evening,

Great Stuff, very helpful to those of us playing with the Rats!

Could you though, confirm the Unit IDs for the Artillery in JAXO column? Best I can do is suspect that 4 RHA was involved, but I can't seem to fnd out where the 2lbers came from.

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