Tuesday, July 13, 2010

British armour on 15 July 1942

The two British armoured brigades engaged in the next battle were the 2nd Armoured Brigade and the 22nd Armoured Brigade. Their strength on 15 July 1942 consisted of:

2nd Armoured Brigade
6th RTR (with 1 squadron of 10th Hussars)
3/5 RTR
9th Lancers (with 1 squadron of 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars)

equipped with 46 Grants, 11 Stuarts, and 59 Crusaders

22nd Armoured Brigade
3rd County of London Yeomanry
joined in the afternoon by the Royal Scots Greys

equipped with 31 Grants, 21 Stuarts, and 23 Crusaders

This is based on Note 1 on page 349 of Vol.III of the Official History. I find this sort of information helpful, as the usual high-level descriptions lack actual strength data.

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