Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lord Lovat

Something reminded me of Lord Lovat today. I had seen a History Channel documentary when I was working away from home and came away with a mistaken impression of Lord Lovat's role in the Normandy invasion. I had thought that he had jumped into Normandy, but he actually went ashore at Sword Beach. He did lead part of his brigade, the 1st Special Service Brigade, to Pegasus Bridge to reach the airborne troops of the 6th Airborne Division who had gone in behind the beach in darkness. I can see that he was a charismatic leader of men in combat. I had not realized that his name was Simon Fraser although I had remembered that he was a Scot. This is the Wikipedia image of Lord Lovat in 1942 at Newhaven after Dieppe. Note that Lord Lovat was a 31-year old Lieutenant-Colonel in this photograph and was a 32-year old Brigadier at Normandy. By the wawy, he was known for carrying a Winchester rifle as his personal weapon in battle. The Wikipedia page has more about his life.


Roma said...

Lord Lovat

Warrior/Lions of the North; King of the Scots; defender of Elizabeth Queen of the Scots (a very fine car mechanic and driver of ambulances WW11)descended from the Houses of Israel, Christian Jews - All Our Hope In God) trained in the mountains of Banff; Jasper Alberta Canada. My Father another Highlander is reported to be one of Lord Lovat's Commandos - after the war were virtually unable to take part in society or receive any assistance to deal with the horrors of WW11.

Blue said...

Elizabeth 11

Also possess the blood of the
Prophet Mohammed..

The Three Books of Abraham
Signed Roma

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