Thursday, December 04, 2008

The opposing sides

Not counting the Italian Littorio Armoured Division, which was still in the process of arriving in the desert, the Axis forces had the following strengths:

332 German tanks
50 Pzkw IIs
223 Pzkw IIIs
19 Pzkw IIIJ 50mm L60
40 Pzkw IVs

228 Italian tanks
mostly M13/40 and M4/41 tanks

In reserve
10 Pzkw IIs
38 Pzkw IIIs
19 Pzkw IIIJ 50mm L60
1 Pzkw IV
9 Pzkw IV Ausf F2 75mm L43

The British had a considerable force, as well:

1st and 7th Armoured Divisions
167 Grant tanks
149 Stuart tanks
257 Crusader tanks

1st and 32nd Army Tank brigades
166 Valentine tanks
110 Matilda tanks

1st Armoured Brigade (ordered to join)
75 Grant tanks
70 Stuart tanks

This is based on the account in Vol.III of the Official History with German tank types from Peter Chamberlain and Chris Ellis

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