Friday, September 28, 2007

The British convoy on 22 March 1942

Admiral Vian had a considerable force escorting a the convoy bound for Malta on 22 March 1942. They were organized in preparation for a surface action against Italian heavy forces:

1st Division: destroyers Jervis, Kipling, Kelvin, and Kingston
2nd Division: cruisers Dido, Penelope, and the destroyer Legion
3rd Division: destroyers Zulu and Hasty
4th Division: cruisers Cleopatra (Vian's flagship) and Euryalus
5th Division: destroyers Sikh, Lively, Hero, and Havock
6th Division: AA cruiser Carlisle and destroyer Avon Vale

Of these
Dido class cruisers: Dido, Cleopatra, and Euryalus (designed for 10-5.25in)
Arethusa class cruiser: Penelope (6-6in)
C class cruiser as AA ship: Carlisle (8-4in AA)
Tribal class destroyers: Zulu and Sikh (designed for 8-4.7in)
J and K class destroyers: Jervis, Kipling, Kelvin, Kingston (designed for 6-4.7in)
L class destroyer: Legion (designed for 6-4.7in)
H class destroyers: Hasty, Hero, and Havock (designed for 4-4.7in)
Hunt class Type II destroyer: Avon Vale (4-4in AA)

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